«We design and develop affordable websites» - you can meet a lot of these ads in the vastness of the Internet. Such ads are usually given by freelancers and recently opened IT companies. Usually they promise a huge number of their services for a very low price, such as good content, super unique design, seo-promotion in a very short time, technical support and of course unlimited technical support of the site.

This whole thing is questionable and we have to assume – not in vain.

The low price must be conditioned by something. «Cheap» websites initially can`t be technically perfect, with a personal, nobody else has ever seen, design and good content. It will either be a poor-quality website, or it should be created by a genius specialist in all IT spheres.

Don`t forget that website is the face of Your company!

On what do the creators of cheap websites save?

  • Technical support. Cheap sites already assume that they will be developed poorly. So, errors in the operation of the site are inevitable and probably you will have to solve your problems on your own, or to look for a new company to support the site as soon as possible.
  • HTML coding – it`s a difficult stage of creating a website and, in fact, its success depends on it. Purchasing cheap HTML coding services, you run the risk that Your site may lose its appearance depending on what device it will be opened by clients.
  • The Content should be of high quality, but again, young freelancers are likely to offer you to gather the information. Professionals approach this issue differently.
  • SEO-optimization is the most important step in the creation and promotion of the website, to which you will be told as about insignificant one. Probably, you will be doing the promotion yourself, because: «Nobody knows your business better than you». But without it, Your website, unfortunately, will be on the distant positions in the vastness of the Internet.
  • "Stylish and original design"- in most cases, it will be based on templates, that are wandering around the Internet. But any kind of individuality is out of the question.

How does our company work?

We are competent developers and professionals in our business. We know the price of the work. The development of the site is a very extensive and painstaking process. Creativity of solutions of the Website Creator is an important part of development process.

A large number of developers, designers and SEO-specialists work on the creation of the website in our company. Everybody knows the business and approaches each project individually, considering desires of clients.

We don't make cheap sites, we create affordable websites. Everything depends on Your desires.

If you order the development of the website in our company, you will invest your money, without spending it on “cheap” sites and wasting your time.

Is it worth considering whether you need a cheap product?

As the saying goes: “If you buy cheaply, you pay dearly”. Take a chance or not? It`s up to you!

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