Contextual advertising is a type of advertising, the content of which meets the interests of users. It is unobtrusive and useful.

What types of contextual advertising are there?

Search contextual advertising is that advertising which shows in the search engines Yandex, Google, Rambler, Mail, and others. This implies organically placed ads in search results, which increases click-through rates.

Thematic contextual advertising - this advertising is shown on the resources that are included in the advertising network. For example, from Yandex Yandex advertising network, Google display network at Google.

The theme of the site may depend on the search queries from the PC of the user, and the content of the site.

Thematic advertising can be of 3 types depending on the content:

  • video (commercials are broadcast);
  • banner (as a static or dynamic picture);
  • text (text from titles in the form of a hyperlink is used).

With the help of contextual advertising, remarketing and retargeting are configured. This means that the ads will be shown to users who just visited Your site.

What is the advantage of contextual advertising?

The main advantage of contextual advertising is that you pay only for transitions on ads.

The advertiser himself appoints the cost of the transition, and subsequently, on the basis of the auction, the ads are displayed. Thus, the higher the price is set, the more popular the ad will be.

Contextual delivery takes into account the percentage of clicks to impressions, not just the cost of the ad. Also, such advertising makes it possible to configure more convenient targeting. This setting takes into account the following indicators: time of display, region of request, subject and type of ad, age, gender, and more, which allows you to provide a targeted approach.

A high level of conversion - that's the difference between contextual advertising.

Is it profitable to order contextual advertising?

Of course! This ensures stimulating Your sales, promotions as well as ensuring good traffic growth.

Contextual advertising is relatively low in cost, but due to its effectiveness it gains quite justified love among entrepreneurs. It also gives you the ability to track your advertising costs. If You have your own business that You want to promote, contextual advertising will be a good tool for you.