SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - the process of website optimization, as well as all the content on the site, so it will appear in prominent positions in organic search engine results. SEO requires understanding how search engines work, what people are looking for, and why and how people are looking. Successful SEO makes the site attractive to users and search engines. Why is it so important to be in the top 10? Often, the user does not go to the second page in the issue, because the answer to your question he can find already on the first. Is if the website is not ranked in the TOP 10, the user is not transferred, respectively, of sales, not traffic.

Each search engine has its own algorithm that allows you to determine what position in the search results will take the site when you enter a key user request.

Types of search engine optimization:

  • internal optimization;
  • external optimization.

Internal optimization

Internal optimization

Before you begin to promote the resource, it is necessary to optimize the site. This will improve the position of the site and get traffic from search engines. What does internal optimization consist of?

  • Collecting the semantic kernel
  • Tags
  • Page doubles
  • Writing SEO texts
  • Linking
  • Setting up robots.txt
  • Site map sitemap.xml
  • Usability

This is not all you need to do when working on the site, but the most basic.

Consider some of them.

Page doubles

Page doubles

The content on one page is similar to the content on another page.

For example, one page of the site is displayed by address:


To check, it is enough after the slash to add to the URL, for example, default.asp or default.aspx, if the site page is displayed in all these cases and does not display 404, then you have a double. To get rid of duplicates on the site, just set up a redirect 301. This command will show the search engines that the page address has been changed and will redirect to the correct page. Most often duplicates occur when sorting or filtering products.


As soon as the semantic core is collected, you need to register tags for each page of the site. Namely:

  • meta tags (title, description);
  • H1-H6;
  • alt tag to images.

Site map sitemap.xml

These are files that assist the search bot in moving around the site. Often located at

Service for creating a sitemap:

After generating site map, it is placed in the root directory of the website, and also add in Google webmaster and Yandex.


This is a plain text document that contains recommendations (commands) for robots, which pages to scan and which not.

This link . You can see the writing Robots.

After the file is created, it is copied on the site in the root directory and then add it to webmaster Google and Yandex.

SEO texts

To prоmote a website resource, you need properly designed texts, unique and interesting. The content should not only be unique, but should also include keywords by which the search engine will find and show the page. For HF and midrange queries, it is better to write separate articles, so more likely to get into the TOP.

The uniqueness of the content

Those sites that have unique content are higher in the search results of Google and Yandex. The uniqueness of the texts should be above 80%


This is a combination of site pages through links. These may be links to external resources or internal site. To create perelinkovki on the site you need to see what are the schemes perelinkovki.


The structure of the site should be correct, clear and simple.

The speed of the website

The speed of the website

Slow loading of pages, site termozit - it can affect the attitude of search engines and users to the site. This is a very important point for Google. The optimal loading time is about 2 seconds. To check the speed:

Some recommendations to help increase the load:

  • choose only quality hosting;
  • optimize images on the website;
  • server-side caching;
  • to reduce the size of pages;
  • reduce the number of browser requests.

External optimization

External optimization

Work outside the site, i.e. building up the reference mass. This process will bring traffic to the site. The quality and size of backlinks depends on the position of the site in the issuance. For search engines backlinks should be natural.

Website optimization is a very complex and serious process, to promote the site requires knowledge, experience and practice. Therefore, if You want quick results, it is better to turn to professionals.