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Are you interested in taking care of a baby? In how it’s like to be a mother or a father? What should a mother or a father do to raise and bring up a child? Are you ready for becoming a mother or a father?

You’ll get an answer to all these questions from the game Chicco!

Chicco is an online game, that simulates life with a child. You can educate, take care of, play with and go for a walk with the child as a mother or a father.

You also get an opportunity to visit other families and send gifts for them.

Everything as in real life!

Functional possibilities developed by us:

  • creating a character (baby, mother, father);
  • “Send dad to work” function;
  • feeding the child;
  • bathing the child;
  • changing the diaper;
  • the child’s sleep;
  • kid entertainment;
  • apartment repair;
  • visiting friends and neighbors.