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Informational website

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Concerned with the fact that the level of economical freedom was gradually falling, the Institute of Economics Friedberg contacted us.

The global mission of the institute Friedberg:

To increase awareness about the consecutive and inseparable relations between economical freedom, development and prosperity in Israel.

To inform as much of the world's population as possible, the institute Friedberg needed a website, that tells about the current economical state of the country.

As the solution, we created an informational site with clear objects' hierarchy, simple and convenient interface for exploring the information and uninterruptible functioning of the site. This kind of approach allows Friedberg to keep growing its audience to the present day!

What was achieved:

  • localisation: 2 languages;
  • possibility to subscribe to the news;
  • feedback system;
  • full controllability of the site through the administrative panel;
  • simple and understandable interface.