Project name:


Website category:

Online shop


Motoz is Ukraine's national motorbike marketplace, which provides services for selling and buying new or used motorcycles.

Project's main goal:

to provide an easy and quick way for finding the wanted motorbike and ordering it on aftermarket. Also, to provide an opportunity for an ordinary person to sell his motor vehicle.

Who the project Motoz was intended for:

  • for those who participate in professional or recreational driving;
  • for those who need an easy vehicle for transportation from point A to point B for an affordable price;
  • for those who need to sell their vehicle in a short period of time.

What was realized for achieving the goal:

  • registration/authorization on the site;
  • filtration and quick search of motorcycles;
  • purchasing a motorcycle;
  • adding an own motorcycle onto the site;
  • full controllability of the website's contents through the administration panel;
  • easy and convenient design.