Project name:

RP | Roman Petrov

Website type:

Commercial website


In today's world, it's difficult to achieve success in your own business without the help of professionals, since unanticipated situations appear all the time.

Roman Petrov is a personal consultant and business development coach.

Our next task came from this business services representative.

The target of project Roman Petrov was the following:

quickly, developing a web product, that will provide all the information related to the business trainer and consultant.

As the tool for solving the task, we used Wordpress, which helped us to realise a site from the very beginning in a short time.

We filled the site up with those kinds of functional modules, that demonstrate the whole competence of our orderer to his clients, and also make it easy to contact him:

  • adding and editing the information about the business consultant and trainer;
  • contact, which may happen by 2 ways: for kith and for strangers;
  • management of feedback on the site;
  • blog: full controllability of articles' categories and articles themselves through the administrative panel;
  • site's localisation: Russian and Ukrainian languages.

What was achieved:

back-end | front-end | design