Velyka Kyshenia

Project name:

Velyka Kyshenia

Web app type:

Loyalty program web platform


Once again, we got an order about loyalty program promotion. This time it was from the supermarket chain "Velyka Kyshenia".

"Velyka Kyshenia" is one of the most largest retail chains in Ukraine with over 14 years of success.

The project's mission was the following:

  • creating a convenient online account for the owners of "Velyka Kyshenia" bonus cards, which will allow viewing and using the available loyalty programs.

The tool we used for solving the task was DB Oracle.

The functioning of a loyalty program?

A client of "Velyka Kyshenia" needs to make purchases every week, from which (s)he will get some of the money back as bonuses on the personal card.

From the following day, the customer of "Velyka Kyshenia" is able to use the gained bonuses for paying the next purchases.

All the changes of bonuses and the available offers can be seen on the user's online profile.

What was achieved:

  • view of the amount of loyalty program bonuses on the user's card;
  • choice of the items and using the discounts;
  • view of the bonus statistics by a week or a month;
  • regular updates on the discounts information;
  • view of the Velyka Kyshenia news.