Hosting, domain name registration, high level of security and dedicated servers from ProSofta

Recognizability is one of the key elements in the success of any company. A rightly named website increases your rating. Domain name registration requires examining the market, accounting the company's features and work of a marketer. It's a complex research of which result will be the website's name that represents its essence and simplifies the search for your company on Internet.

Before buying a domain name it's worth selecting a name that is easy to write and remember - this strenghtens loyality of the customers. Every domain name is unique, like a phone number or a physical address. ProSofta helps to choose an optimal name for your website, that will emphasize individuality and originality of your enterprise. We are located in Finland (Helsinki), but we operate throughout Europe.

Why does a website need hosting services?

All the information displayed on a website must have a physical location - on a server's disk space. It's a powerful computer that guarantees a continious high-speed connection to the Net, which ensures a steady access to the site.

For the simplest landing pages it's sometimes enough to have virtual hosting - a small piece of memory on a server which adjoins a few other similar web resources. Dedicated hosting provides you an own server. It's a perfect solution for large-scale projects with high requirements for the response speed and a big amount of visitors. ProSofta provides hosting services thanks to collaboration with a number of big hosting providers in Europe and our own computing powers.

Choose the level of security

The lock located on the left of the site's address shows how well is the connection secured. This icon doesn't let swindlers get an access to the confidential data, such as:

  • contacts;
  • logins;
  • email;
  • bank card number.

Security guarantees a SSL certificate, the price of which depends on the level of security. The owners of private sites, blogs or thematic forums - any resources containing registration, entering the email address or signing up for mailing lists - need a certificate with a check of the domain name. Its production doesn't require any documents and it can be gotten in just half an hour.

The representatives of small and medium-sized business should take a look at certificates with an organization check and bigger enterprises with an extended check of documents.

ProSofta provides selection of domain names, organization of virtual or dedicated hosting, and creation of certificate on the needed security level. Contact us and get a certificated website that will protect the data of your clients!