Development of an information resource as a powerful shopping motivator

Creating a blog site as an independent resource or part of an existing online store, corporate site provides a variety of advantages. Research, notes, analytical articles and reviews can be useful for visitors, help them choose a product or service. Guests of the resource should have access to commenting, evaluation of materials, RSS-subscription and, most importantly, the “Share” button, which allows this way to tell about the information they like to their friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

What is useful to create an online blog for business?

There are at least 5 reasons why you should order a blog development for your business:

  1. Increase traffic. According to authoritative data, companies that constantly fill their blog with useful and interesting information, the volume of visitors grows up to 5 times. But for high attendance to affect sales, the content must be of high quality, optimized for targeted key requests relevant to your business specifics. 
  2. Necessary information. Is there a new product or a unique service? Visitors may not have enough information to make a decision, and the blog will help fill in the gaps. In addition, you can use the page for publishing promotions and contests. 
  3. Dialoguing. Customers appreciate when they receive not only one-sided conversation from the site owner, but also a full-fledged dialogue. Therefore it is necessary to publish articles in which you answer users' questions sent to you by mail, feedback form or left in the comments. 
  4. Low-pressure advertising. When products or services are mentioned in the context of related information, they are advertised unobtrusively. The reader takes this as useful advice. In addition, it motivates to come to your resource constantly, i.e. return, increasing loyalty from time to time. 
  5. Social inclusion. The recommendation from friends is perceived with greater confidence than constant pop-up ads. Research shows that people rarely share specific products, but they often share interesting articles. And the part of the visitors who have come to your site for reading, may well be interested in the proposed products or services.

ProSofta operates throughout Europe, and offers you a package approach in the promotion and popularization of your products and services. The list of activities includes the development of a design that reflects the specifics of your business, the selection of the semantic core, friendly usability and many unique tricky parts that are aimed at the main goal - to attract visitors by making them real customers. 

Call us, come to the office located in Helsinki (Finland), leave a request in feedback form or write by email! Our Manager will answer all your questions and calculate the cost of a successful project that will increase your profit, increase your influence on the market and customer loyalty!