Business card website by ProSofta: highest-quality design, non-standard solutions, flawless working efficiency

Any start-up requires representation on the Internet. It is not necessary to immediately create a full-fledged corporate resource - for a start, a turnkey business card website is quite suitable. Its main task is to display the most important information about the company, indicate the main goods or services, give contact details and/or location map. As in the case of a regular paper business card, this resource contains neat information about your business: the essence of your offer and competitive advantages are clearly and intelligibly delivered to customers.

How is the development of business cards in ProSofta?

In ProSofta, you can order the creation of functionality, design and other necessary components that ultimately form a full-featured business card website. We work in several stages (the cost of work is negotiated at the approval stage).

  • We study the target audience. Every business has its own audience, and knowing its needs and problems, a competently formed image of your company is created. For these purposes it is necessary to study the competitors, their strengths and weaknesses in order to develop effective superiority tactics. We create working “baits”, to which your client will “rise to the bait”, becoming real from potential.
  • Unique design. Our office is geographically located in Finland, so we are aware of the latest trends in UI/UX design in Europe, which we successfully demonstrate in all projects. In each new task, we use an unforeseen and unconventional approach, which guarantees the uniqueness of the result.
  • Fast loading and adaptability. In addition to well-thought-out design, an important component is adaptability - equally high-quality display of the site on all desktop and mobile devices. Add to this a high download speed, and you get the perfect solution for business.
  • Mandatory testing. At each stage, we conduct the resource through microtests, designed to identify possible weaknesses. The result of continuous monitoring of performance becomes a clear and well-established system, with competent technical support.

When ordering the creation of a business card website in ProSofta, you get not a “raw” one-page site, but a full-fledged, SEO-optimized resource with a non-trivial, but effective design, friendly functionality and user-friendly interface. Call us by contact numbers, email us or fill out a special quick contact form to take full advantage of the ultramodern development of websites by ProSofta!