Proven efficiency of an online store by ProSofta: non-standard solutions and guaranteed results

Creating an online store is a complex process that requires the involvement of a variety of specialists. And there is no place for dilettantism - all stages of the development and implementation of the project must be carried out by professionals, so that the result is a smoothly working resource that attracts customers and sells goods/services.

Development of turnkey online store in 4 stages

The office of ProSofta is located in Finland, and we work throughout Europe, using the latest developments in the field of design and programming. Individual approach is our credo, therefore we have identified 4 main stages of creating an online store, none of our successful projects is complete without them.

We carry out business analysis and create a technical task

Evaluation of the market, the study of competitors, the detection of their strengths and weaknesses - this is the initial strategy. The tactic is to work out a clear technical task, including usability, design and promotion. 

To make the resource as relevant as possible to your goals, we carefully work through the first stage, paying attention to the nuances displayed in the technical task: they will be needed in the next steps of development. The key figures of our team are also involved here: UX-specialist, technical manager, project leader and business analyst. At the first stage, the cost of the site is formed, which is negotiated with the client, and after confirmation we proceed directly to the implementation.

Visualization of the agreed technical task and project architecture

The main task facing the ProSofta team is to create the basis for a successful business promotion and sale of goods/services of the customer. We work professionally, taking into account the “mood” of the brand, modern design trends, originality of presentation (no templates!). At the output you get a thorough study of all the pages: 

  • a memorable main page;
  • friendly usability of the product catalog;
  • shopping basket;
  • convenient order form;
  • information blocks (news, contacts, about your activity).

Depending on the number of required pages, the price will be changed, so this aspect is agreed upon at the 1st stage, although before transferring the design layouts to the page proofs there is an opportunity to make correcting to the technical task. The dynamics of execution depends not only on the work of our specialists, but also on the speed of response from the client - at this stage he is most involved in the process, as it is required to coordinate the vision of the client and designers, finding a consensus. Directly with the customer contact the project manager and designer.

We implement, control, run

Here, the development of the store is already under the previously approved plan, so the layout and the software part falls entirely on the shoulders of specialists. The list of services at this stage includes: 

  • integration of additional modules;
  • creating extensive functionality for the management of goods;
  • creating a "skeleton" of product cards;
  • design information sections and their content.

QA tests are necessary to check whether the product is ready to start: the code, the resource adaptability, the speed of loading and processing data, and the coherence of all functional modules are checked.

The last step is for programmers, the first one is for marketers 

The optimization of the online store that we are conducting during the development process makes it easier to further promote it using SEO content, contextual advertising, email marketing, etc. For the full development of the site do not forget about its constant updating, including the addition of new or improved functionality. Therefore, you can contact our team not only to develop the store, but also to support it after launch.

Why do customers prefer to order the design of an online store in ProSofta?

A professional and well-coordinated work of a team of programmers, designers and marketers guarantees our customers a result that fully solves the tasks they have set in - to attract customers and promote sales. 

Our distinctive features: 

  • We create equally effective solutions for small, medium and large businesses of any field of activity. 
  • We perfectly optimize the site for promotion in popular search engines, we guarantee uninterrupted operation and fast server response. 
  • Any store, regardless of the complexity of execution, loads quickly on both PCs and mobile devices. 
  • We take a comprehensive approach to the issue of store promotion, use contextual advertising and SEO-optimization, as well as unique tricky parts that give an excellent result. 
  • We select a CMS, which will work properly even if there are tens of thousands of products.

Ensure the effectiveness of ProSofta solutions right now by contacting us in any convenient way: by mail, filling out a feedback form or visiting our office.