Single page from ProSofta: high conversion, low cost, fast execution

A one-page website (also known as the landing page), as the name implies, is a single page on which information submitted in a concise and accessible form is placed. The development of the Landing Page is always aimed to encourage action - to call, buy, subscribe. This version of the site is in demand, and there are 5 reasons for this:

  1. High conversion. If we compare the Landing Page, an online store, informational and any other site, then it becomes clear: the landing page is aimed only at encouraging one action. Therefore, the performance is high. 
  2. Good motivation. Visitor is not distracted by unnecessary information that is not related to the topic of the site. Content is as concise as possible, well structured, each word is directed only to one thing - to convince a potential client to become real. 
  3. Adaptive design. The minimalism of the structure allows you to make an “easy” website, which is displayed equally attractively on all existing mobile devices. In addition, the speed of loading and "drawing" graphic elements also increases. 
  4. Save time. The timing of the execution of a regular site depends largely on its structure. One-page development service (together with development, testing and approval) rarely takes more than 2 weeks. 
  5. Optimal budget expenditure. For quick website promotion, in any case, you need contextual advertising - only this way the resource will sell your services immediately after launch. However, high conversion rates and efficiency guarantee that your advertising budget will be spent optimally.

These advantages will be real only if the page is created taking into account modern realities, including the latest technical developments, features of the audience, competent content, etc. ProSofta, a company that can turn any project into a successful commercial offer that sells your product or service, will take care of all these nuances.

Commercial offer that cannot be refused

This is how landing pages are created in ProSofta. Every detail, color scheme, word and design as a whole is a unique offer (even if you have competitors!), which is sure to interest your buyer. You can order a turnkey landing page from us, which fully corresponds to the goals of your business

4 real facts about creating a Landing Page in ProSofta that made our clients successful.

1. Individuality as a work philosophy

Every business or project is unique. We saw this by developing hundreds of landing pages. Therefore, any task from our client is studied from all sides: the target audience (understanding its needs and problems), understanding the characteristics of the client’s business, developing a sales strategy based on the first two points. 

2. From strategy to tactics 

We are moving from a strategic task - to sell a product, to tactical steps: how to achieve this in the shortest possible time, how to attract attention, keep it and direct it to the right action for the customer. At this stage, a prototype of the page is created, a unique selling proposition (USP) is formed, expressed in textual content (triggers, capture points). 

3. The color palette of modern design 

WEB-technologies should serve your interests, and the most "advanced" elements that we use when developing a design concept show the greatest efficiency. This includes: creating a page style, selecting colors down to the smallest shades, connecting fonts, introducing graphic elements (the animation “animates” the static page, makes it more attractive). 

4. Adaptive layout for all existing devices

It doesn’t matter whether a client enters your website from a mobile phone or from a home TV - the landing page will always display correctly and load quickly. We make the layout in compliance with the standards, test and verify the work of elements before submitting the work.

In addition, we can additionally connect analytical services, chat rooms and other tricky parts - the landing page price will not change from this, everything is included in the price agreed with the client at the design stage.

The convenient office of ProSofta is geographically located in Finland (Päivärinteenpolku 4E, 04600 Mäntsälä, Finland) - we will always be happy to discuss your order in person. But since we work all over Europe, you don't have to worry about visiting us, because there are several convenient ways to contact us: 

  • write an e-mail to;
  • leave a request in a special form, and we will call you back at the time you specified.

Would you like to know how effective Landing Page with a unique commercial offer will be for you? Contact us right now and get a detailed answer to all your questions!