Web and app design – a powerful impulse to buy

Web design - the thing your site or app is "packed" in. In psychology, they've proved that the most of people are visual. It's easier for them to perceive a picture than a bare text. Web development is one of the most important steps in launching a website or a mobile app. Every businessperson knows: people will perceive your product/service just as you'll present it.

The company ProSofta offers individual web design in Finland and Europe. Analyzing the market, we examine the competitors and the target audience, and we find out which buttons to press to get a customer to complete the needed action - to call, buy, visit, make an appointment, etc. We form the company's concept, that we implement based on:

  • behavioural factors of the audience;
  • the specifics of managing your business;
  • the clients' social features.

The concept also includes prognostication of the targets achieved using UI/UX design - a user-friendly interface, convenient and understandable in use even to a newcomer. Our designers create Internet resources that allow effective sales of your products and services. The payment for the work of ProSofta specialists is an investment that will pay itself back in a short time.

Why order a web design from ProSofta?

A modern person is consistently surrounded with an information field. The potential clients develop a so-called immunity, thus there's no wonder that many of the ways for advancing and marketing effective 10-20 years ago just don't work nowadays. Mobile app and web resource design performed by a professional means using a creative and effective way of rising the customer's interest. And when the interest is captured, the only step is to steer him to action.

Our designers know how to create an exclusive app based on the features of your business, for providing clients with the shortest way from seeing to buying. The project's realization happens in a few steps:

  • we receive the initial information from the orderer;
  • we generate ideas and create a concept layout;
  • if needed, logo development is done;
  • we determine the combination of colors and fonts;
  • we return the layout for the orderer's approval.

When we develop a turnkey website, we involve the client in the process only on its starting and ending points. On the middle steps we provide reports of its progress. In addition, we provide print design under clearly defined technical parameters (the cost is calculaed individually).

Looking for an individual design which will guarantee you a growth in effectiveness and success of your business? Call us, leave a request on the special form on the page Contacts