Speaking about UI design, we mean how the interaction between the user and the program (mobile or desktop) is organized. The functionality should be convenient for a person to have a desire to use it, and not to understand it. 

In other words, a high-quality user interface is the correct location of the buttons, a visually pleasing design, intuitive navigation. ProSofta company designs the user interface, necessarily complying with 6 rules - basic, but effective solutions that must be present in the project:

  1. Everything ingenious is simple, and this also applies to the application interface. Any user, regardless of his experience of surfing the Internet, should be all clear on an intuitive level.
  2. Say: “No!” to difficulties. The fewer actions and clicks a user makes to achieve a certain goal, the better.
  3. Creativity is good, but within reasonable. It is proved that the user better perceives the visual design, filled with familiar images, symbols, and most importantly - controls and action buttons.
  4. If you are developing applications for IOS and Android, the application interface should be grouped: logically related elements must be combined into menus and forms.
  5. The most important elements in the User Interface must be brought to the fore in order to attract maximum attention to them.
  6. When creating a sketch, it is important to adhere to one style so that the user does not have a dissonance when navigating between blocks or pages.

These are just the basic concepts that ProSofta guides while creating websites and applications that increase interest, turning an ordinary guest resource into a client. By keeping the balance of aesthetics and usability (aesthetic-usability), we ensure that the interface design works for you from the very first moments of visiting the app, portal, website, etc.

What influences the price of creating an interface?

There are several aspects that affect formation of value: 

  • the type of device for which the interface is being created: iOS, Android or a web application; 
  • is there a need to create illustrations - graphic or animated;
  • the presence of UX rules (if they are absent, the price will increase). 

Each of our projects, although based on the main principles of aesthetic-usability effect, is created from scratch according to an individual concept. We work throughout Europe, the office is located in Finland. Call us and order your unique project that will bring you new customers and increase profits!