The market of smartphones has long been firmly divided among the giants of technology. iPad and iPhone have almost a fifth part of sales, which is more than a billion devices sold (Financial Times). This ensures that the iOS mobile app will be seen by a large number of users belonging to your target audience.

Why is it profitable for a business to create apps for iOS? 3 incontestable benefits

According to statistics 53% of users actively use applications that they have downloaded. With the expansion of the functionality and capabilities of the devices themselves, this figure is only increasing. 

There are 3 main reasons why ProSofta recommends to order an iOS iPhone application for business:

  1. Convenience. It is much more convenient to use a specially designed structure to view products, services and their payment than to do it even through a mobile browser. 
  2. Automation. Business processes are brought to a new level, the management of a restaurant, a shop, any outlet, etc. it becomes easier and more efficient. 
  3. Loyalty. If the development of games for iOS is aimed at promoting this particular app, which still needs additional advertising, then the non-game program is usually downloaded by a loyal client. If you set up the interaction correctly, you can significantly increase the number of repeat purchases and reduce customer attrition.

The cost of developing an application for iOS depends on 3 basic parameters:

  • type and range of functionality;
  • time for completion;
  • providing technical support after delivery of the order.

The download itself and the actions inside the APP imply income generation. IOS app development has a high level of security, so the customer gets a commercially reliable program a priori. Add to this advertorial (hosted via the Apple App Store), which provides a definition of geolocation. It is a significant advantage, as the business owner can flexibly configure their loyalty programs, announce promotions and offer bonuses. In fact, the user receives a notification in the app at the moment when he is near the store. 

ProSofta specializes in creating applications for the iOS platform. We operate throughout Europe. Our head office is located in Finland (Helsinki). To contact us you can use one of four options: 

  • leave a request in the feedback form;
  • call direct numbers;
  • send a request by email.

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