Still not using mobile apps in your business? It's time to change!

Almost every European uses a smartphone for entertainment, games, finding information or completing purchases. Why does a business need a mobile app? The answer lays in clear statistics gotten by some analytical companies: during the previous year this branch brought over $45 billion, and in the next year (accordingly to the forecasts) the number will grow by $10 billion. Mobile reality keeps becoming more and more pressing issue. It doesn't supplant computers, but it does lower the amount of its users.

5 important reasons for ordering a mobile app from ProSofta

ProSofta is specialized in developing unique apps, which will solve the client's business tasks effectively. We operate on the territory of Finland and Europe interacting with clients personally or remotely.

There is at least 5 important reasons for the app's price being justifiable:

  1. Image - you can't buy it with money, but with quality services/products that have been presented and sold the right way. Availability of a mobile app shows the clients that you are committed to a long-term perspective and want to build partnerships.
  2. Keeping yourself up to date, since a lot of companies still use outdated media channels, distributing flyers, SMS and advertisements. A convenient and modern way for contacting your company is an essential part in interacting with a client.
  3. Staying nearby by offering promotions, bonuses and other encouraging programs. With the help of an app, a user gets to know about them and gets an opportunity to use them immediately. In addition, a club or bonus card may get forgotten home, but a smartphone is always at reach.
  4. Covering the biggest possible audience: iOS and Android development must happen at the same time, unless the product isn't oriented to a particular group of mobile users.
  5. Working only with the target group, because the app is installed only by those, that have been interested in your services/products beforehand. They are real, not potential orderers, that are ready to complete purchases.

It's been proved that Android and iOS development rises client's loyalty, simplifies communications, and promotions and discounts get more attention for reaching the target audience. Efficiency is important for business, and an app is an ivestment that will pay itself back numerous times.

Company ProSofta, territorially located in Finland, provides individual user-friendly mobile solutions for your business. You can also order games for both platforms with any difficulty. In addition, we offer application maintenance with updates and adding new functions. Contact us in email or leave a request on a dedicated form on the page Contacts.