Development of mobile applications for Android is an opportunity to get closer to customers, quickly solve their problems and increase customer loyalty. The mobile device market is increasing every year, and according to statistics, it has a 20% increase compared to desktop PCs. There is a simple explanation for this: mobility, allowing you to perform all actions (shopping, viewing information, communication) on the go. The number of Android users exceeds 2 billion.

Why you should choose to create programs for Android?

In the conduct of business, this step solves several critical aspects that affect success: 

  • Geolocation. It is possible to track the movement of the buyer, and with the help of LBS-service to find potential customers, inform them about our offers through the newsletter. 
  • Notifications. There is no need to make custom ads every time an action is held, a sale or a discount is given: all reminders are embedded in the app. 
  • Offline mode. Creating Android applications provides for the application to work without Internet access: services can be used in offline mode. 
  • Expansion. If you already have a desktop version, then the mobile version will increase the number of customers, will allow you to cover more the target audience. 
  • Promotion. Popularization of a web resource requires more investment than app promotion. But only if all aspects are thought out correctly. 
  • Saving. The cost of creating an Android application is lower than the content of a full-fledged site, since there are no costs for the IT segment.

Do not forget about the simplicity of payment for services and goods: using only a smartphone, you can make a purchase from anywhere in the world. Simplification of financial operations is another step towards attracting the attention of the audience.

5 reasons to order an application and games in ProSofta

ProSofta Company is creating games on Android using the latest achievements in the field of programming (including augmented reality). This is another way to get stable profit and high interest from users: according to statistics, about 53% of smartphone owners play from a mobile device. 

When implementing a project of any complexity, we adhere to 5 principles:

  1. Convenience. Intuitive interface, understandable even for beginners. 
  2. Image. Whether it is an application or a game, the created app will work to enhance the image. 
  3. Update. Possibility of support and updates after the program launch by our programmers and designers.
  4. Style. We adhere to the style of the company, dressing it in an attractive “wrapper” that creates a positive impression about the company. 
  5. Progressiveness. Technologies do not stand still, so our employees are always aware of new products and changes, competently applying knowledge in practice.

ProSofta operates throughout Europe. You can also visit our cozy office located in Finland (Helsinki), leave a request through the feedback form, call us or write to us by email. Contact us in any convenient way, and use your chance to increase the target audience and strengthen the image to maximize profits!